I’ve been looking into Revature to jumpstart my career in tech. I’ve taken some coding bootcamp classes at NuCamp and also The Tech Academy. They were great, but Revature is offering paid training and feels like a more guaranteed way of securing a job. After about 10-12 weeks of training, you are in a staging process where you interview with Revature clients. If you get signed with a client, you will become a paid contractor with that company and get paid a fairly small salary in comparison to tech jobs ($35,000-40,000) and a raise the following year. The company could possibly buy out your contract and pay you way more… or not. They also make you move to where the client is, no guarantee of where or how to live there, you just gotta figure it out. So I’m nervous about it as you could tell.

I’ve been watching Ali Abduul on Youtube and he is honestly one of the most influential content creators I’ve watched. He started blogging and content creation while in med school and gained a huge following. After he finished his training, he became a doctor but ended up making more from his Youtube channel and content gigs than being a doctor. WILD RIGHT? But I can see why. He has a calm and relaxing demeaner. He does his research and writes things down in a very understandable way. I definitely recommend his channel to anyone looking to increase productivity or become more professional.

One thing he mentioned is that you own your own time. Whatever you are doing in any moment is the thing that you most want to be doing. I think about how what I’m doing right now, I could be doing whatever I want but here I am blogging about life. I think it’s mostly to clear my mind and figure out WHAT I want to do. So let me list those out for you:

  1. My day job working at a nonprofit theatre company.
  2. Tech job prep/search – I want to get into tech cause it pays well and it piques my interest. I love computers and being able to tinker around is exciting to me.
  3. Video game Development- I’ve already spent so much $ on classes and assets. I also met a solo game dev at an event and seeing that he could make a game… makes me feel like I could do it.
  4. TTRPG website- I’ve made a site and have a great idea to help the community and want to know how to monetize off of it, mostly to pay for what I’ve created
  5. RenPy Visual Novel- I’m working on a project for my theatre company that works with this platform and I would love to continue to tell stories this way. It’s interactive and fun, and easy to program.

So those are my thoughts for the day… Just using my Second brain Notion page to figure out my day. (I’ll post about Notion and the joy it’s brought me soon)

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